Forever at Fink's: Lauren and Christian

Forever at Fink's: Lauren and Christian

Christian and Lauren crossed paths while attending Liberty University. While he worked at the Standing for Freedom Center, she worked at the school newspaper, the Liberty Champion. Both happened to share a kitchen – which was where it all began. By March of 2022, their conversations became very intentional, and they soon realized there was something special in the making. They began to date, and six months later, they were engaged.

How Did You Know?

Lauren shared that she just knew Christian was the one by the way he treated her and those around him. His selfless character and love of serving others were hard to ignore. Writing her love letters and always opening doors for her were just the beginning.

“Exemplified through his actions, it was clear how much Christian valued my heart and how seriously he took our relationship. Consistently, he prayed for me, checked in on my well-being, Lauren shared. “He had exceeded every expectation of mine, and his love for God was at the core of his character. I never knew Christian would be the man God gave me to cherish forever – he is truly the biggest blessing to my life.”

Christian knew Lauren was the one because she possessed all the character traits a man should want in a woman. He admired that she took her faith in Christ seriously, and it was evident it was the primary influence in her life. He was drawn to the attention and care she gave to him, her family, and her friends, and how she did everything with excellence.

Christian shared, “She was gentle, patient, kind, strong, committed, intelligent, creative, self-sufficient, and driven. I knew almost right away that not only were we extremely compatible but that Lauren would make an excellent wife and mother. I often tell others that I would have been a fool not to ask for Lauren’s hand in marriage and make her my other half for the rest of my life.”

Photo of Lauren and Christian on a Rooftop

Selecting the Engagement Ring

Christian told us Lauren made the process remarkably simple. She had always wanted an emerald cut diamond and a band with diamond studs halfway around. After having her sized, Christian set off to Fink’s to choose the ring.

Lauren said, “…he picked out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. Every morning when I put it on, its beauty still amazes me, and the meaning behind what it symbolizes is even more fond to my heart. My ring is everything I could have wanted in a piece of jewelry that will literally live on my left hand forever.”

The Proposal

Christian proposed to Lauren on the day their parents were scheduled to meet for the first time. He took her to a resort near her hometown, got down on one knee in the middle of a garden, and proposed.

“Little did I know that my family and his had already met that morning and were there waiting for us to arrive. It was so special to have everyone together to celebrate a literal once-in-a-lifetime moment. My grandparents, hometown best friend, sister from Georgia, and close friend from upstate New York, all came together to be a part of our special day,” she shared.

When we asked what her favorite part was, she told us it was being able to share August 27th with the people who meant the most to them and who will also be walking alongside in support of their marriage.

Engaged Couple Lauren and Christian with Family Members


Selecting a Fink’s Engagement Ring

Christian recalls choosing Fink’s for the quality of service from the beginning through the end of the buying process. “I started by looking through the online store for rings and band styles. It was important to me to be able to see selections without having to go visit the store first. I came across the Studio Collection Emerald Cut Center Diamond and Diamond Shank Engagement Ring, and it had everything Lauren had previously explained to me that she wanted in her dream ring. I reached out through the website chat service and asked to schedule an appointment to come in and see the ring.”

When he arrived at the store for his scheduled appointment, he was greeted with a wealth of knowledge. “Miss Patty helped explain the differences in ring clarity, imperfections, materials, etc. Her explanations helped me learn more about my purchase and make my decision with confidence. Her transparency and explanations made it easy for me. I never bothered to visit another store.”

Engagement Photo of Lauren and Christian


Looking Forward to Their Future

Lauren is looking forward to their two families becoming one. “It will be so incredible to have both sets of families together in one place, celebrating a lifelong covenant between Christian and me. It will be the biggest honor to say, “I do” at the altar to the man whom I love most.”

When we asked Christian what he’s most looking forward to, he shared the celebration of their union with family and closest friends. “Marriage is one of the most significant, special, and important decisions you will ever make in your life, and I am so excited to celebrate becoming one with the woman of my dreams with all the most important people in our lives there to celebrate with us.”

They look forward to experiencing all aspects of life together. From sharing a home and creating a family to making life decisions together as husband and wife.

Christian also added they’re looking forward to “…raising a family that will hopefully have a lasting impact for generations to come.”