Forever at Fink's: Ben and Shannon's Engagement

Forever at Fink's: Ben and Shannon's Engagement

Introducing the future Constables!

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When two people have a tremendous amount in common, how can anyone doubt that true love will be in their future? The Trinity Fellows Program, a post-graduate leadership opportunity hosted through the Trinity Presbyterian Church, was the common denominator that brought Ben and Shannon together. Ben had completed the program in May 2016, accepting a position at the church two years later. He met Shannon in July 2018 after she arrived in Charlottesville, Virginia for the very same program. Working together at the same church provided a foundation for their budding romance as they were able to observe each other lead, serve, and grow in their shared faith. Although incredibly busy, both cleverly found pockets of time here and there to flirt and develop a true friendship. They learned they both loved being outdoors, hosting parties, and creating connections. They also learned they enjoyed duking it out on the squash court and serving at their church. With a shared love of living in Charlottesville, they are never without several great date options. Exploring new places is another shared passion, and they look forward to many more adventures as they move toward marriage and life together.

What was your first impression of each other?

Ben: Wow, well, honestly, I admired Shannon’s style and swagger from the start. When I walked into the lobby where everyone was meeting, I could tell immediately that she was a very confident, kind, and motivated woman. We sat down next to each other for prayer, and through small talk, I felt immediately comfortable and impressed at how she wasn’t afraid to correct me when I incorrectly swapped a high school name from Richmond and Leesburg (our respective hometowns). It wasn’t love at first sight, but I was, for sure, intrigued and interested from our first conversation.

Shannon: Oh, goodness. Ben was super kind and warm right from the get-go, and he made me feel so welcome in a room full of strangers. We laugh about it now, but the way he was so nice to me gave me the impression that he was totally into me from the beginning. I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight on his end — he’s just playing it cool.

What are you looking forward to most about the wedding?

Ben: I feel like Shannon will probably say the desserts! ;) Well, you know, Shan and I love to party with our favorite people, so it will be uniquely sweet to see the combination of our families and dearest friends in one space (like at our engagement parties). I’m hoping we can do as much as possible to show everyone present a great time, let these folks know how much we love them, and find a way to bring as many competitions and lawn games into the mix as we can.

Shannon: Definitely the desserts. And dancing! I love that you don’t really have to be a talented dancer to throw down.

Were you both involved in the engagement ring picking process?

Yes! Initially, Shannon and her best friend, Megan, went to Fink’s Jewelers to try on rings and see what they had. Hearing a fantastic report from Megan about their time and how loved they were by Dianne Bain, Ben scooted over to check out the whole supply there himself. Ben was grateful to look through the rings in person, have an idea what Shannon liked from her visit, and talk through the details in person with Dianne!

Did you know exactly what you wanted in an engagement ring before shopping?

Shannon: Actually, yes, I had a pretty good idea from pictures on Pinterest. I loved the oval cut and wanted something to spice it up and make it unique, while still classic. Finks had exactly that!

What do you love about your engagement ring?

Shannon: I love that Ben got it for me! It is timeless in sentiment and style, it goes with everything, and it doesn’t stick out so much that it gets in the way of everyday life. I could go on and on!

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Shannon said “YES!” to a white gold four-prong engagement ring featuring .72ct oval diamond center stone with two .20cttw pear cut side diamonds.

What does love mean to you?

For us, love starts with God’s love. Patient, kind, forgiving, faithful, self-sacrificing love. In marriage, we hope to mirror this kind of love to the best of our ability, knowing that forgiveness and faithfulness and the hope of our salvation will be key practices to nurture and encourage each other towards. Love truly is an ability, not an emotion, and we hope to have many more years to love God, each other, our friends and families, and complete strangers as fully as we can through acts of selflessness, compassion, and thoughtfulness.

What made you choose Fink’s Jewelers?

Fink’s was very positively reviewed online, and that’s what got Shannon and Megan in the door. After an incredible experience with Dianne Bain, there was no need to look elsewhere. Fink’s has an amazing selection of engagement rings and wedding bands, and we really appreciate and admire their dedication to excellence and their lifetime guarantee on their rings!

How did you tell your friends and family that you were engaged?

Ben: Well, being a planner, I had a couple of surprise parties set up for the two days after I proposed, one in Charlottesville and one in Northern Virginia. So many people were expecting it to happen and just waiting for the word…I’ll let Shannon take it from here:

Shannon: Haha! This is funny. We actually didn’t tell anyone for roughly three hours while we took our sweet time watching the sunset and eating dinner. Everyone knew exactly when it was happening, so our families were waiting in great anticipation. Ben’s mom was even concerned that we had fallen in the lake that Ben paddled us through!

Where do you see yourselves 10 years from now?

Ben: Golly, who really knows?! Definitely happily married and hopefully deeply connected in a community somewhere. Inevitably, we will travel outside of Virginia for our careers at some point, and only the good Lord knows where that will take us. We would love to have a couple of little Ben and Shans running around at some point!

Shannon: California. Maybe! Maybe not. It’ll be sweet to see if I end up as a Psychologist and if Ben ends up as a Fellows Director. That’s our dream at the moment. Retweet about the little people — that would be so fun!

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Are you thinking of taking the next step in your relationship? Engagements are what we do best! From helping you explore your engagement ring options to educating you along the way, we’re here to make this event a memorable one. If you’re ready to experience the same dedicated service and attention Ben and Shannon enjoyed, we’d love to have you visit our team at your nearest Fink’s Jewelers today!