Forever at Fink's: Anthony and Abigail's Engagement

Forever at Fink's: Anthony and Abigail's Engagement

Anthony and Abigail’s story is the perfect example of how love can work in mysterious ways. You just never know who has been placed in your life for a reason and when true love may strike. Having gone to school together since the sixth grade, Anthony and Abigail’s story didn’t begin until their senior year of high school. We asked them to share their story with us and their hopes for the future.

A Love Meant to Be

The couple shared their story of often studying together at a local coffee shop during their senior year. Abigail recalls Anthony asking her out on their very first date to the same coffee shop. This time, they spent their time really getting to know each other.

When we asked when they each knew the other was the one, Abigail shared, “He went out of his way to make me feel special. He was constantly pursuing me and loved me with such intention. I knew God had set him aside for me as my person.”

Anthony knew she was the one after only a couple dates. “What got to me was how she treated those around her and how she prioritized Jesus and others before herself. She showed me love every day, exactly how I expected perfect love to be like. That’s when I knew.”

Photo of Engaged Couple Showing off Engagement Ring

Selecting the Engagement Ring

“One day, I told Abigail that we should go look at rings just for fun. So, we did, and the third ring we came across, Abigail fell in love with and told me, ‘That’s the one!’” Anthony took a picture of the ring and all the information he needed so he could get her the exact ring she wanted when the time came. He shared that he waited just long enough, so there was no indication of when he was planning to propose. He purchased the ring and began his proposal plans.

Engagement Ring on Wood Railing

The Proposal

Abigail recalls shopping with her mom one day and being convinced to buy a dress she loved but didn’t really have a special place to wear it to. So, when Anthony asked to take her out for dinner, her mom told her it was the perfect place to wear it!

At dinner, Abigail recalls Anthony acting very nervous. She felt something was odd because he was on his phone a lot, which they have a habit of never doing on their dates.

After dinner, he told her he was taking her to a new bakery because Abigail loves desserts! “We ended up driving 45 minutes away. About 5 minutes before we got to the location, Anthony said, “If you trust me, you will close your eyes and not open them until I tell you?” When we got to the location, he guided me out of the car, and I said, “Anthony, all I ask is that you don’t let me fall.” Well, I tripped over the candles he set up and almost fell, but he caught me!”

Anthony got down on one knee and told her to open her eyes, then asked her to marry him. He had thought of everything! He proposed at a beautiful flower garden with rose petals, candles, and a blanket with their initials and engagement date on it. He hired a photographer and invited their families and friends to be there to celebrate.

Anthony Proposes to Abigail with a Fink's Jewelers Ring


“My favorite part of our proposal is how intentional Anthony was through everything, making sure I had my nails done, making sure I wore a pretty dress, and ensuring my favorite people were there to celebrate. He showered me with so much love that day, and it was the most perfect day.”

Selecting a Fink’s Engagement Ring

We asked the couple why they chose Fink’s and what Abigail loved most about her ring. They both agree they chose Fink’s because of how kind the staff was. “They made us feel welcome and able to trust them.” And Abigail loves that her ring is a classy, timeless piece.

Man and Woman Hold Hands Showing off Engagement Ring


Looking Forward to Their Future

 When asked about the upcoming wedding, Abigail says she is most looking forward to celebrating their love with all of their favorite people and to finally be Anthony’s wife. She’s looking forward to spending forever together!

 “I’m so excited to see us grow together as one. God has really blessed us in this season of our lives, and I can’t wait to continue to see His blessings. I’m also so excited to wake up next to my best friend every day.”

Engagement Photo of Anthony and Abigail Beside a Lake

Anthony is looking forward to “the joy, laughter, and the gathering of friends and family to celebrate one of the most exciting moments that Abigail and I will experience. The most exciting thing I look forward to during the wedding is to be able to kiss Abigail for the first time as my wife.”

Anthony can’t wait to begin building their future together, including having kids, getting a golden retriever, and building their dream house!


Proposal photos - Laura Daniel Photography
Engagement photos - Ava Vienneau