Collection: May Birthstone Jewelry

May birthstone jewelry features the rich, vibrant greens of the emerald gem. Though the hues of this birthstone jewelry vary, the finest emeralds have that deep and luxurious green that has been beloved for centuries. Celebrate her May birthday with emerald birthstone jewelry for a dazzling look to add to her jewelry box. Our selection of emerald jewelry comes from the brilliant designers found at Fink’s, such as John Hardy and our in-house Sabel Collection.

Cleopatra adored this star of May birthstone jewelry, decorating herself and her palace with emeralds throughout her reign. Emerald was also said to be the gemstone of the beautiful goddess Venus, and at times is still called “The Jewel of Kings.” Celebrate her May birthday with birthstone jewelry featuring the emerald and make her feel beautiful.

These vivid green emeralds are perfect for a May birthstone jewelry gift, as they are said to hold powers of fertility, immortality, patience, and new beginnings. Surprise her with a white gold ring featuring a boldly cut emerald, or find the perfect piece to add a pop of color to her wardrobe. Whether adding to her dainty jewelry collection with necklaces from our Sabel collection or finding showstopping pieces to complete her look, Fink’s Jewelers has the right May birthstone jewelry for you.

Birthstone jewelry is the perfect sentimental touch for her, whether she’s wearing it every day or saving it to dress up for special occasions. Schedule an appointment to browse our May birthstone jewelry collections in-store, or take a look at our online options to find the perfect emerald pieces for her.