Collection: Marco Moore

Transcending his sense of fashion into each design, Marco Moore has created a whole new look and feel for jewelry as wearable pieces of art. Handcrafted, limited edition and individually numbered to 499, no one piece is exactly the same.

Every time you wear a Marco Moore piece you can feel just as unique and artistically beautiful as his passion for style and design.

If you’re looking for jewelry that will stand out, Marco Moore jewelry is a must-have. Marco Moore has transcended the concept of jewelry and instead turned his line into a true form of art that makes for lovely gifts for friends or your favorite daily-wear pieces.

This incredible designer began his career at age 17 with a focus on ladies’ clothing. After less than a decade, Marco became one of the most sought-after designers in the industry. As he traveled the world, he began collecting colorful gemstones. With a newfound passion for jewelry and a unique sense of workmanship, fashion experience, and attention to detail, Marco Moore has become an award-winning designer who can transform the way a woman feels with a simple piece of jewelry.

Marco Moore’s jewelry focuses on rings with a small number of earrings and necklaces included. Each design is handcrafted and limited edition. With less than 500 of each design made, Marco Moore labels each of his pieces of fine jewelry from one to 499, putting a priceless touch on these beautiful and artistic designs. With options in various sparkling gemstones ranging from muted to vibrant, these incredible designs showcase Marco’s passion for design and style in a way that’s truly unique.

Marco Moore jewelry is made with yellow, rose, and white gold, with gemstones including sapphire, ruby, garnet, diamond, amethyst, and more. From amethyst dangle earrings and simple diamond bands to colorful rings surrounded by crystal-clear diamonds, these styles are guaranteed to put a smile on their face any time they wear them.

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