Collection: June Birthstone Jewelry

June birthdays are lucky enough to have two official birthstones to choose from. Pearl and moonstone are both traditionally used in June birthstone jewelry, and whether she wants a set of one or to mix and match both gorgeous birthstones, they will dazzle on anyone with a June birthday. Celebrate her and discover our distinct designs at Fink’s Jewelers.

Pearls have been turning heads throughout history, from strands gracing the necks of Hollywood stars to the necklaces passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. Though you may think of white pearls as the only pearl birthstone jewelry option, a range of colors from gold, silver, black, and pastels exist in this stunning gemstone. Our Fink’s designs cover all types of June birthstone jewelry, from the classic white pearl earrings to modern multicolored pieces.

June birthstone jewelry with moonstone is believed to carry divine feminine energy, love, and even the moon itself. If you believe in the June birthstone’s powers of love and fertility, moonstone makes the perfect gift for mothers and women trying to become mothers. Our John Hardy designs feature delicately cut moonstones perfect for any June birthday, so give a June birthstone jewelry gift to celebrate her this year.

Designs with luminous pearls and moonstones make lovely gifts for any June birthday. From the stunning array of pearl colors to the powers of moonstone, these June birthstones are the star of many jewelry pieces at Fink’s. Shop in-store or online to select the best June birthstone jewelry for her.