Your January Birthstone Guide

Your January Birthstone Guide

Selecting the perfect gift, no matter the occasion, can be a bit challenging. Whether you’re searching for a birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day present, birthstone jewelry always makes a memorable gift. If your loved one has a January birthstone, a garnet jewelry piece may be just what you’re searching for this year.

Our garnet jewelry experts have put together a January birthstone guide to share the meaning behind this beautiful gemstone. We’ll also share our favorite garnet jewelry pieces you should consider adding to her accessory collection.

How Did the Birthstone Tradition Begin?

Historians believe birthstones have held biblical roots. Wearing birthstones traces back to the Bible, when worn on the armor of Aaron. Each stone worn on his breastplate was believed to be linked to the months of the year and the twelve zodiac signs. They were believed to harness magnificent power and protection when worn in unison.

January Birthstone and Diamond Halo Earrings

During the 8th century, many people continued to collect all 12 gemstones. Finally, however, a shift in their power began to set in, and each stone was said to provide greater power when worn individually. Soon, word spread, and a new ritual ensued. Each stone was worn only during its corresponding birth month in hopes of harnessing this greater power.

During the 16th century, the magnificent gemstones became a birthstone tradition. Rather than collect all 12 stones, wearers now collected the stone of their corresponding birth month. While many still believed in the power they brought, others simply wore them for their sentimental value.

How Many Birthstone Lists Are There?

Today, there are three recognized lists of birthstones: ancient, traditional, and modern. In 1912, The National Association of Jewelers began developing the modern-day list of birthstones most of us continue to use today.

Gemstones found on the ancient list are the most widely recognized, as they’ve been in use for thousands of years. Stones on the traditional list have been used for the past 500 years. Over the past 100 years, we have seen the modern list of birthstones grow in popularity and become the most widely used. You will also notice many gemstones remain on two or all three lists.

What is the Significance Behind Birthstones? 

January Birthstone and Diamond Halo Ring
Although birthstones no longer hold religious meanings, many believe the stones symbolize good fortune and wellness to the wearer. Each birthstone is believed to hold an array of great benefits, both from physical and emotional healing powers.

Even if the wearer does not believe in the powers of birthstones, the birthstone itself makes a unique and meaningful jewelry gift. So whether you're gifting their birthstone or one representing a child, grandchild, or significant other, it makes a cherished keepsake.

What is January’s Birthstone?

If you are jewelry shopping for a January birthstone, the gorgeous garnet is your stone. Garnet is found on both the traditional and modern birthstone lists. While the garnet species does come in a multitude of colors, the traditional January birthstone uses the deep red stone to represent the month. 

What is the Meaning Behind the Garnet Birthstone?

The January birthstone gets its name from the Middle English 14th-century word “garnet.” While the word means deep red, it also draws meaning from the rich coloring of the pomegranate, which was favored during this time.

The garnet also represents:

  • love
  • friendship
  • healing between lovers
  • safety and protection during travel
  • happiness in life
  • protection from evil thoughts
  • success

Selecting the Perfect Garnet Jewelry Gift

Round January Birthstone Pendant NecklaceThe January birthstone is rich in color, making it a stunning stone in any jewelry piece. If you’re searching for the ideal garnet jewelry to add to her jewelry box, you can’t go wrong with any item you select. The rich color and brilliant shine will turn heads wherever she chooses to wear her birthstone gift.

Our January birthstone experts have compiled a garnet jewelry list to help you find something special for your loved one. From earrings to pendant necklaces, we have plenty of garnet options to suit everyone’s style.

Our Sabel Collection offers a stunning assortment of birthstone jewelry gifts that are sure to melt any woman’s heart. Of course, she'll adore her new January Birthstone and Diamond Halo Earrings. The deep red sparkle from this gorgeous pair of studs is ideal for representing her birth month or that of a loved one. This garnet jewelry gift is set in a beautifully crafted white gold setting. They are made to grace her lobes for everyday wear or nights on the town with a hint of vintage design.

Feast your eyes on our Sabel Collection Round Garnet Birthstone Pendant Necklace. This dainty January birthstone hangs beautifully from an 18-inch 14k white gold chain. The white gold makes a stunning setting for this garnet jewelry piece, as it pops in contrast to the deep red! We love this garnet jewelry option for its versatility. She’ll love wearing it for a special occasion or while running errands.

We also highly recommend January’s birthstone set in an exquisite halo ring. The Garnet and Diamond Halo Birthstone Ring features a 7mm stone with .20 cttw sparkling diamonds to optimize this garnet jewelry piece’s brilliance. It also pairs perfectly with the January birthstone pendant necklace.  

Why Choose a Custom January Birthstone Gift?

January Birthstone Stud Earrings

While any garnet jewelry gift can hold sentimental value for your loved one, imagine gifting her a custom-designed piece! There’s nothing as unique as creating a one-of-a-kind jewelry gift with her January birthstone nestled inside. She will cherish your custom creation forever, whether you envision a garnet bracelet or dangle earrings.

With a custom garnet jewelry gift, you’ll have complete creative freedom to design an original piece that will be as unique as she is. We have an incredible team of custom jewelry designers who can assist you throughout the entire process. In addition, they will work with you to bring your January birthstone ideas to reality.

Our team can help you create an original piece or recreate a garnet jewelry piece you’ve seen her admire. They will even assist you in incorporating a family heirloom, should you wish to do so. We're here for all your fine jewelry desires, from vision to upkeep.

Celebrate your loved one with a garnet jewelry birthstone piece that adds a personalized touch.