Meet Fink’s Own Brian Faulkner

Fink's Jewelers Store Manager, Brian Faulkner

Fink’s Jewelers is more than a fine jewelry and accessory store—when you work with us, you’re family. We’re blessed to have kind and knowledgeable staff at every location and love getting to know them, from the newest repair expert to the most tenured manager. 

With his recent promotion to Store Manager, we’re overjoyed to have Brian Faulkner on our team at Fink’s Jewelers in Durham, North Carolina. Learn more about his story and give him a round of applause!  

Get to Know Fink’s in Durham, North Carolina

The Streets at Southpoint, Durham, NC, Fink's Jewelers

Nestled in the heart of The Streets at Southpoint Mall, the Durham Fink’s Jewelers location offers our famously wide selection of engagement and wedding jewelry, luxury watches, gemstone styles, and more. Our exceptional staff have been providing jewelry to the lovely citizens of Durham for the past 20 years! Between our onsite master watchmaker and customizable options, there’s something for everyone at Fink’s.   

Popular Designers Available at Durham, North Carolina, Fink’s:

Brian’s History with Fink’s 

With a strong background in customer service and sales, it’s no surprise that Brian climbed the ranks within Fink’s management so quickly! While he was once a longtime client of over 15 years, everything changed when he decided to custom design his now-wife’s engagement ring. Working tirelessly with one of our longtime employees, Vicki Robinson, to select every detail, the two got to talking—and then he received a call asking him to join the sales team at Fink’s.

On his first day working at Fink’s Jewelers in Southpoint Mall, Brian was placed into the Management Training Program. After graduating with flying colors, he was promoted to Store Manager for the Streets of Southpoint Mall location this past May. With a passion for creating an amazing experience for customers and employees alike, his transition has been smooth. 

Fink’s: Family Owned and Family Friendly

Oval with Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Although he’s had to learn the ins and outs of a new industry, Brian’s Porsche dealership background came in handy when managing a strong team and ensuring an unforgettable experience for every customer. At Fink’s, the family-owned and family-involved atmosphere is important, and our store managers love to be involved in these momentous occasions and celebrations. Whether you’re finding the perfect gift for your husband or treating yourself to new gemstone jewelry, Brian loves getting the chance to experience the excitement with you every step of the way.  

Brian’s Secret Skills

Many people may know Brian Faulkner for his professionalism and growing jewelry business knowledge, but what they don’t know is that he was once a professional soccer player! After finishing graduate studies in Iowa in 2012, he tried out for Yeclano Deportivo, a popular and beloved team in Yecla, Spain. If he hadn’t been let go from the team after the European Economic Crash, we may never have gotten the chance to bring him on board. So, while he could have continued a successful career, their loss is our gain!

Whether you’re looking to design a custom engagement ring like Brian or want to browse the brilliant designs on your day off, stop in the Durham, North Carolina, Fink’s location and say hi!