Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father Playing with Son on Shoulders

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s almost time to celebrate all the incredible dads in your life. Whether you’re celebrating your father, husband, uncle, or any fatherly figure in your life, show your appreciation with a gift they’ll treasure forever.

A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or hardware store is nice but not something they can cherish for a lifetime. Our Father’s Day gift guide is full of high-quality, versatile, and unique jewelry for men to cater to all the dads you need to check off your list.

Father’s Day Gifts for the Golfer Dad

If the fatherly figure in your life loves to spend their time on the golf course, get them some gifts that will keep them looking stylish and on top of their game. Maybe jewelry for men isn’t his idea of a perfect gift, but there are still some fantastic and memorable items you can pick out for him. The best gifts for the golfer dad are:

  • personalized golf balls
  • Breitling watch

Personalized Golf Balls

Close up of golf ball on tee

Help your father take his golfing game to the next level with personalized golf balls. You can order golf balls with photos, company logos, names, or messages to show appreciation for him.

You can choose from various high-quality brands of golf balls such as Titleist, Bridgestone, Callaway, etc., to make sure you’re getting your dad’s favorite set. Plus, what golfer can ever have too many golf balls? This Father’s Day gift will make his next golf trip much more exciting. 

Breitling Watch

Breitling Endurance Pro 44 with Red Strap

Dads always need to keep track of time, even when they’re letting loose on the golf course. A watch is a classic piece that the father figure in your life can wear for years. Breitling is known for its high-quality timepieces, and the Endurance Pro 44 is an incredible option. The watch features an ultra-light 44mm Brietlight case and is presented on a diver pro rubber strap that matches the color of the inner bezel ring with Super-LumiNova hour and minute hands.

If he encounters some rain during his golfing trip, he won’t have to worry because this fine example of jewelry for men is waterproof. This watch comes in strap colors red, orange, and yellow. This Father’s Day gift will make for the perfect pop of color to every simple golfing outfit.

All Breitling watches are made in Switzerland following strict Swiss watchmaking quality standards. If the watch you purchase happens to have a manufacturing defect, it will be covered by an international warranty. The warranty is valid for two years from the date of purchase. 

Gifts for the Fisherman Dad

Father and son fishing on lake during sunset

Does your father prefer to spend his free time out on the water catching fish? If your dad is a fisherman, get him some gifts to make his fishing experience as enjoyable as possible. The best Father’s Day gifts for a fisherman dad are: 

  • Wood Chart
  • Waterproof Timepiece

Wood Chart

East Long Island 3-D Wood Chart

Wood Charts are pieces of art that encapsulate a specific coordinate’s water and land. A wood chart will allow your fatherly figure to observe and admire the lakes, rivers, or oceans he loves to fish in. They have charts from all over the United States, so you’re sure to find your dad’s favorite special location.

This piece of art is simple and classic so that he can keep it forever. It will encapsulate his love for the water and his favorite hobby of fishing. This Father’s Day gift is terrific for the fathers in your life who aren’t too keen on diamonds and jewelry for men. 

Waterproof Timepiece

Khaki Field Auto Chrono Black Watch

The fisherman father needs to be able to check the time without worrying about his watch getting damaged. Get him a waterproof timepiece so he can keep track of time practically. A great option is the Hamilton black on black watch. The black-on-black design adds a sleek touch to their wardrobe that will be perfect for every occasion.

The classic brown leather strap makes this watch simple and timeless. Your dad will never have to worry about ruining the timepiece during his fishing trips since it’s water-resistant up to 100 meters. If this watch seems like a wonderful Father’s Day gift for your dad, you can order it to be gift wrapped, so it’s presented nicely on his special day.

Hamilton was founded as an American company, but now all of their watches are produced in Switzerland. Thus, all of their products are held to the highest Swiss watchmaking standards for high quality and value. Hamilton is known to have excellent attention to detail and has been a trusted watch brand over time. If there is ever an incident where the watch gets broken or damaged, most of our locations will offer on-sight watch repair.

Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who Has It All

We all know a fatherly figure who seems impossible to shop for. What can you gift to someone who already has everything they could possibly need? The most amazing gifts for the dads who have it all are:

  • lunch
  • cufflinks 

Quality Time Over Lunch

If your father doesn’t need any more gifts or jewelry for men, spending some quality time with him is the best gift you could give him. Treat him to lunch to show him how much you appreciate him. While sharing a meal with him isn’t a tangible gift, the memories you two make together will last a lifetime. You can take him to his favorite restaurant to make the celebration feel more personalized and memorable.

New Cufflinks

Fink's Jewelers Monogram Cufflinks

Even if your dad already has a set of cufflinks, he could always use one more. If he doesn’t love to wear jewelry for men, some new cufflinks could add a bit of personality to his outfits. A great option for dads is the monogrammed cufflinks by Fink’s. This accessory will make any simple suit a bit more personalized without being over-the-top.

He will love the look of the monogram, and it will mean a lot to him to receive such a personal and thoughtful gift. These 18mm cushion cufflinks feature their first, last, and middle initials. You can purchase this quality, personalized piece of jewelry for men in sterling silver with rhodium plating, 14K rose gold plating, or 14K yellow gold plating. 

These cufflinks make an amazing Father’s Day gift, but please consider shipping times when ordering it. Since this is personalized Father's Day jewelry, it’s not available for overnight shipping.

You should order the cufflinks ahead of time, as it will take around three to four weeks to fulfill your order. Keep in mind that all special orders are non-returnable, and you are unable to cancel them after twenty-four hours. Like our other jewelry for men, you can get this item gift wrapped for prestige presentation.

Hopefully, this guide to Father’s Day gifts for each type of dad gave you some inspiration. Choose from our selection of unique, high-quality gifts, and the fatherly figures in your life are sure to love them. Happy Father’s Day!