Forever at Fink's: Cara and Dayton's Wedding

Forever at Fink's: Cara and Dayton's Wedding

Meet Cara and Dayton!

On October 19, Cara and Dayton tied the knot in Cullen, Virginia, but their love story started long before that special day. Cara and Dayton seemed to have so much in common. Both came from agricultural backgrounds and were extremely active in their respective Agronomy Clubs. In fact, they met during college at a National Agronomy Club meeting. Cara was studying at Virginia Tech while Dayton was attending North Carolina State University. Dayton was so taken by Cara’s beauty and chatty personality that he drove four hours to Virginia to take Cara out on a date. After that first dinner and an NC State football game, they both felt as if they’d known each other forever.

Fink's Customers Cara and Dayton on their Wedding Day

What was your favorite part of your wedding?

Cara: So many things, but I think the car may have been my favorite! My dad has a 1976 Chrysler Cordoba that my granddaddy gave to him when he turned 16. He restored is about ten years ago. When my parents got married, they drove off in the Cordoba. My sweet daddy hauled that car up to Virginia for our wedding. He drove me down to the ceremony in it, and then Dayton and I drove off in it just as my parents did almost 35 years ago! We even got to recreate the same picture in it that my parents took on their wedding day.

Dayton: The entrance songs for our wedding party. We surprised each member of our wedding party with a ‘walk-up song’ for when they were introduced at the reception, and they got to show off their personality and have lots of fun with it!

What is your favorite part about newly married life?

Cara: The mornings. It’s a little hectic in a small house, but we get to talk about our day together, and when I leave for work, I know that he’s got my back and that when I get home from work, he’ll be there.

Dayton: Getting to wake up and go to sleep together, starting and ending our day together.

What advice do you have for couples that are recently engaged?

Cara & Dayton: Soak it all up! You get to be engaged for a short season of your life. Enjoy the moment and don’t get caught up in the stress of it all. There were definitely some moments when the stress got to us, but in the end, you’re there for a marriage, not for the one day of your wedding.

What made you choose Fink’s Jewelers?

Dayton: My dad recommended Fink’s Jewelers for Cara’s engagement ring. From anniversaries to birthdays, my dad has always gotten my mom’s presents at Fink’s. I picked out Cara’s engagement ring all on my own; I knew an emerald cut diamond would be perfect for her.

Did you know exactly what you wanted in an engagement ring before shopping?

Cara: I wanted him to propose so badly because I was so ready to get married that I had sent him a picture of almost every ring imaginable. Any time I saw a ring on Instagram or Pinterest that I thought was pretty, I sent it to him. I do remember one conversation about an emerald cut diamond that I thought was so pretty, and he said why do you like that? And I told him why and he just nodded. But really, I would’ve been okay with whatever he picked!

What do you love about your engagement ring?

Cara: The classic elegance. An emerald cut is a classic timepiece that stays in style forever. It’s just simple and timeless.

White Gold Four-Prong Engagement Ring with Emerald Cut Center Stone

Cara said “YES!” to a white gold four-prong engagement ring featuring 1.53ct emerald cut diamond center stone.

What’s your favorite piece of advice to give to couples who are planning their wedding?

Cara: Make decisions together! We planned our whole wedding together and actually enjoyed it because we got to see our whole day take shape the way we wanted.

Dayton: Start early, knock out the big stuff early, and pay attention to details. The details are where things shine through.

Fink's Customers Cara and Dayton Showing Off Their Rings at Their Wedding

Cara and Dayton’s advice is priceless. Making decisions together is what it’s all about. But if you’re planning to surprise her with an engagement ring, we’re here to help make the experience a memorable one. Whether you come together or on your own, you’ll be in good hands with our knowledgeable staff, ready to guide you through the process of finding the ring that represents your lives together. Find the engagement ring of her dreams at Fink’s today!