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Fink’s Jewelers is proud to be an Official Rolex Jeweler for over 40 years. It is our privilege to feature the Rolex Collections in our twelve locations throughout Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland. With the necessary skills, technical know-how and special equipment, we guarantee the authenticity of each and every part of your Rolex. Browse the Rolex Collection below, or simply contact us to book an appointment with our dedicated staff, who can help you make the choice that will last a lifetime.

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Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed and produced to the most exacting standards.

Watchmaking, The Rolex Way

Pioneer in the development of the wristwatch, Rolex designs, develops and produces in-house all the essential components of its watches, from the casting of the gold alloys to the machining, crafting, assembly and finishing of the movement, case, dial and bracelet.

Rolex is at the origin of numerous major watchmaking innovations, and has registered over 400 patents in the course of its history. Switzerland is the crucible where Rolex watches are brought to life thanks to the know-how and commitment of more than 6,000 employees at the brand’s four sites, all at the cutting edge of watchmaking technology.

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Rolex at Fink's Jewelers

Founded in 1930, and spanning four generations, Fink’s Jewelers has built a strong reputation for unsurpassed service and selection. Home to a large selection of Rolex timepieces, our highly-trained Rolex specialists are here to assist you in your Rolex journey. Please send us your details and your preferred mode of contact and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Nothing beats experiencing first-hand the meticulous details, the balanced weight, the comfort and simply the feel of a Rolex watch. Visit us at Fink’s Jewelers and we will guide you through the range of Rolex models, and advise you on the technical aspects of Rolex watches to help you find the watch that was made for you.

Official Rolex Jeweler

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