Collection: OMEGA

Game-changing innovations in watchmaking with ultra-cool aesthetics, OMEGA has been a favorite of fearless figures from James Bond to NASA astronauts to Olympic athletes.

Where ordinary meets extraordinary, you’ll find OMEGA watches. These incredible timepieces feature innovative technology paired with impeccable style, creating a luxury brand of watches sought-after by everyone from NASA astronauts and Olympic athletes to James Bond. With an impressive selection of men’s and women’s watches, OMEGA has positioned itself as a cornerstone in the world of sports and space exploration and on the silver screen. You can find these beautiful watches on the golf course, sailing across the ocean, and on bobsled teams, as well as on iconic actors such as George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, and Eddie Redmayne.

OMEGA watches exceed quality and dependability standards. In 2015, the watch company introduced a rigorous testing process – eight tests over 10 days – to define a line of watches as Master Chronometer timepieces. For everyday styles, OMEGA knows the ins and outs of each metal it uses, striving to offer designs that are resistant to magnetism, temperature, abrasion, and corrosion. The OMEGA selection of watches includes automatic, quartz, self-winding mechanical, and manual winding styles, with strap materials ranging from stainless steel and titanium to alligator, rubber, leather, and nylon.

From Seamaster diving watches to Speedmaster options in polished black ceramic and diamond-polished white gold hands, OMEGA has an exclusive watch for everyone. The attention to detail and mechanical excellence ensure that every OMEGA watch sold is the highest quality possible, from the natural and man-made materials to the pairing of each stone and metal to create a style that stands the test of time.

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