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What makes a Fink's diamond superior

Not all diamonds meet our exacting standards for Superior Quality ® and Superior Cut ®. Discover how our selection process brings you the finest quality to choose from and what makes a Fink's diamond different.


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"Oh, the ring...amazing, gorgeous, beautifully crafted. The jeweler did such a wonderful job! I can't stop staring at it!! Please send my thanks and gratitude to him for being so talented!"


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Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry

Fink's diamond fashion jewelry is surpassed by none. From our own unique styles to fashion creations by the world's premier designers, you'll appreciate the careful diamond selection and craftsmanship that bring you only the finest diamond jewelry.

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Basic Diamond Vocabulary

The crown is the portion of the polished diamond above the girdle.  This includes the table and surrounding facets.  The crown splits the light entering the diamond into white light and colored light, creating its brilliance and fire.

The optional 58th...

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