Fink's Lifetime Diamond Guarantee

Photo by dolgachov/iStock / Getty Images


How many times in life do you get a guarantee like this? Any Fink's diamond is assured a trade-in value of 100% of your purchase price when upgrading to a new diamond in one of our stores or online.*

The trade-in applies to the center stone of engagement rings with a center diamond of .25 or larger, diamond stud earrings that consist of no more than one diamond in each ear, and diamond pendants that consist of no more than one diamond.


Be assured that your Fink's Superior Quality® diamond has met the test of strict inspection by Fink's professionally trained staff. Our rigid standard of quality is enforced by Certified Gemologists and Registered Jewelers of the American Gem Society.


If at any time, within the thirty days following the purchase of your diamond, you are not completely satisfied that it is the finest available at the price paid, simply return the diamond for a full refund.

Fink's Jewelers guarantees this diamond to be described accurately and graded by our Gemologist who is certified by the American Gem Society. Diamond grading is a subjective opinion and represents our professional judgment as to accuracy. We certify our trademark Cut, Color, and Clarity and guarantee precise Carat Weight.

*The new diamond must be at least the original purchase price plus 50%. This guarantee must be presented with trade-in. The mounting is not included.